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Linen Suit - How To Maintain

How To Maintain Linen Suit

You could not be more wrong, if you think these suits are too delicate to handle and maintain Linen is such a piece of fabric that is sturdy and can last longer than any other suit with proper care. If you got a linen suit in your wardrobe but don’t wear it too often, you require less effort. But you must wash it and store it for further use regardless of how many times you put it on. Wash Your linen suit by [...]

Pick Up Service

Free Pick Up Service

Dear Guest, please be aware of taxi drivers, tour guides or also the reception. In some cases they try to bring You to a shop, where they get commission, instead of bring You to our shop. If You have troubles with find us or the the direction to us, call +66 81 787 1534 or +6677245642. We will provide You a free pick up service!

Ideal for Summer Time

The Right Suit for Spring and Summer?

There are different kind of suits – right for spring and summer. If it is getting more warm, most men prefer to use linen as fabric. Ask us, what could be the right choice, when You visit us in Peace Resort (inside the “shopping arcade”). We are are always know what is the right way to choose the kind of fabric. You are always welcome to contact us here: Contact Page