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For the clothes we are doing, we use different kind of fabrics.

Blends Fabric

Blended fabrics are created by combination of one or more fibres
that means a new fabric is created with unique properties. This result is an item that is easier to clean, care for or more comfortable.

Anyone can avail various designs, patterns and coloring effects in these fabrics. These fabrics are admired for excellent coloring effect, mesmerizing design, optimum softness and stylish pattern.

The main idea of blended fabrics is to combine fibers with certain qualities with fibers of other qualities that compliment each other. Cotton and polyester are example of blend fabrics. Cotton is comfortable to wear, however, it wrinkles easy where on the other hand Polyester does not wrinkle. After combined both then results in a comfortable, yet wrinkle-resistance fabric.

Blends Fabric

Silk Fabric

Silk is one of the popular fabrics for apparel because of its unique properties.

Silk is most luxurious fabric, the most comfortable fabric, the most absorbent of fabrics (equal to wool), the best fabric for drape, the best fabric for color, capable of the greatest lustre, having the finest “hand” etc.

These are some of the factors which make the fabric more popular. The fabric is cool in summer and warm in winter.

Cotton Fabric

Among the seed and fruit fibres, cotton has grown in stature as the most important textile fibre in the world.

In fact, cotton is the backbone and basic foundation of the world’s textile trade and industry.

Cotton is a natural vegetable fibre produced in the cotton plant in many countries of the world even in Bangladesh also.

Cotton Fabric

Linen Fabric

Linen Fabric

Linen is a cellulosic fibers derived from the stem of the flax plant or a fabric made from these fibers.

Linen fibers are much stronger and more lustrous that cotton; they yield cool, absorbent fabrics that wrinkle easily.

Fabrics with linen-like texture and coolness but with good wrinkle resistance can be produced from manufactured fibers and blends.

Wool Fabric

There are many factors, which affect the quality of wool fabric.

The kind of sheep from which the wool is obtained, its physical condition, the part of the sheep from which the wool is obtained, and the finishing processes are some of the factors, which affect the properties of wool fabric.

Wool Fabric